Everything you need to know about Demi-Fine Jewelry

Everything you need to know about Demi-Fine Jewelry

The world looks forward to beautiful, high-quality jewelry made accessible to everyone!

When it comes to jewelry, in the past, people only had two choices:

  1.   high-quality, highly-priced fine jewelry
  2.   low-quality, low-priced costume jewelry,

This is what we want to call extremes and made quality jewelry unaffordable and inaccessible! But, over the last few years, a new Jewelry category called "Demi-fine" ended the two extremes of jewelry choices.

Demi-fine jewelry is transforming the industry because it allows customers to affordably buy high-quality hypoallergenic, artistic jewelry. It also gives aspiring young designers a platform to showcase their creativity in an accessible manner for a newer audience!


What is Demi-Fine Jewelry?

Demi-Fine jewelry involves craftsmanship, design, and the panache of fine jewelry at an affordable price point. In other words, it is an affordable luxury! Instead of solid gold or platinum, the base for demi-fine is made with sterling silver that’s plated (usually, 18K gold) or just gold (14K or lower Karatage). Therefore, all demi-fine jewelry has a sterling silver base or 14K (or lesser) gold and no other metals.

You might have heard people use another term called 'gold vermeil jewelry.' This essentially means any jewelry with 925 sterling silver base plated with gold where the plating has a thickness between 1 to 2.5 microns. In simpler terms it means that the plating is at least eight times thicker than the gold plated jewelry in the market. So, not all demi-fine jewelry is gold vermeil jewelry. But all gold vermeil jewelry is demi-fine!

If you're wondering what sterling silver is - Sterling silver is an alloy of silver containing 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% of other metals. This 7.5% weight of other metals plays a massive role in deciding whether or not a particular piece is suitable for you. Suppose the 7.5% contains metals like cadmium or nickel. It can cause allergic reactions to the skin. So, please be sure to check if the pieces are cadmium or nickel free. 


How is Demi-Fine Jewelry different from Fine Jewelry and Costume Jewelry?

There are many differences that we had to create a table! So, below is the table with the various differences -  










925 Silver, 14K (or lower) gold

14K or above Gold or Platinum

Brass, Steel, metal alloys


Semi-Precious and Natural

Precious, Natural and Rare 



Years to Decades* 

Generations Long*

Short Lived




Medium to Low


Accessible Luxury

Supreme Luxury

Imitation under budget

*If taken good care of and maintained in a way it’s supposed to. 

On the other hand, costume jewelry is made with low-quality metals or alloys like brass, aluminum, bronze, copper, etc. It is mass-produced, which also makes it extremely cheap. Costume jewelry may also use imitation or artificial in the place of gems. The lesser quality materials make them so much more affordable than demi-fine jewelry. But if you are quality materials or craftsmanship, you might want to stay away from costume jewelry!

Is there a growing trend in consumers getting attracted to Demi-Fine Jewelry?

People are getting more creative with their self-expression and looking for unique, personalized pieces. As a result, jewelry is experiencing a second life as one of the most powerful forms of personal style. This makes it an ideal way to express your individuality and make a statement about who you are, whether through the materials used in your jewelry or the design itself. But you want to be able to do this without breaking the bank! Therefore, demi-fine jewelry is becoming a trend for any jewelry lover.

Why People are choosing Demi-Fine Jewelry?

  •   Affordable Luxury - Demi-Fine Jewelry is a great choice for fashion-savvy, tech-savvy Gen Z and Millennials. The reason is, it is affordable yet has great quality, looks minimal and beautiful. The key is to offer something different to younger shoppers who seek elevated pieces without the same level of investment from Tiffany & Co., Cartier, or De Beers.
  •   Get on Trend - Vogue Business also talks about demi-fine jewelry as a new luxury market growing faster than traditional high-end jewelry. Celebrities are often seen on the red carpet wearing demi-fine jewelry. Lady Gaga, Miranda Kerr, and Cara Delevingne are all fans of demi-fine jewelry brands. Suppose you're fashion-savvy, tech-obsessed, and constantly influenced by influencers on Instagram; you may already be exploring this emerging trend in jewelry buying habits.
  •   Self-expression - Consumers today want to use their purchases to be an extension of themselves and craft their own identity. Jewelry crafted to reflect one's personality helps them stand out from the crowd and show their own unique sense of style. Demi-fine jewelry designers understand this and make unique pieces or custom-made ones to add sentimental value.
  •   Personalized gifts - With so many generic gift options available, consumers eagerly welcome customized gifts that show somebody has taken the time to think about what they would like. A piece of customized jewelry is beautiful; it shows how much thought you put into making the receiver feel special for any occasion or milestone!

How to start your demi-fine jewelry collection?

If you're just getting into demi-fine jewelry, start by defining your style and budget. Do you prefer a minimalist look? How about something bold and statement-making? Then, decide on your price range. What's the most you're willing to spend on a piece of jewelry?

Once you have those particulars ironed out, you can start shopping! Here are some recommendations for finding the perfect pieces within your budget:

  •   Choose your first piece with intentionality.
  •   Be open to mixing styles—traditional with modern or classic.
  •   Buy from brands that offer innovation, customization and transparency. 
  •   Take care of your new pieces, and they'll last for years to come!

How to take care of your demi-fine jewelry?

So you bought your demi-fine jewelry; how to take care of it? Demi-Fine jewelry is made with silver and plated with gold. The gold plating has its life and will most definitely tarnish over time. So, here are a few things you could do to help it last longer.

  1.   Don't expose it to chemicals or products. Everything from are soaps, sanitizers, perfumes, and cosmetic products must be avoided. The jewelry must not come into contact with moisture and chemicals.
  2.   Always remove your jewelry before sleeping, exercising or showering. 
  3.   When not worn, make sure it is neatly packed in a jewelry box to last a long life.
  4.   To clean your jewelry, buff gently with a dry cloth. 
  5. Of course, when the gold plating has tarnished, you can get your jewelry re-plated.


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