Gold Vermeil VS Gold Plated: Know the Difference

Gold Vermeil VS Gold Plated: Know the Difference
Bright and yellow, the eyes behold its beauty! 

The story of gold has travelled for centuries across various nations, people, and cultures. Ever since the kings and queens of Egypt began to wear gold as an ornament to define their status, the value of owning gold has remained a step ahead in society. 

Today, times have changed, and we can witness a full-fledged market that sells gold in various forms. The underlying beauty of gold sure holds a heavy price, yet, the admiration for gold jewellery has never been tarnished.

We know how much women love to wear gold jewellery every day. Still, with the gold prices fluctuating, it becomes almost impossible to afford it. Understanding how much admiration goes into gold jewellery, the gold market slowly introduced gold plated and gold vermeil jewellery. 

Gold plated jewellery and gold vermeil jewellery have begun to have more demand than ever and thus created a new wave in the marketplace. Yet, a large audience is still puzzled about the difference between gold vermeil vs gold plated jewellery. 

Sit back and relax as we take you through a clear picture of gold vermeil vs gold plated jewellery. 

All About Gold Vermeil 

Longue vie à la France! i.e Long Live France. Yes! The invention of Gold Vermeil took place in France in the 18th century. The goldsmiths then made medals or crowns in vermeil gold. The term Vermeil in France translates to certain quality jewellery, a form of gold plating known as silver gilt. 

Now, you may wonder when or what type of jewellery we exactly call gold vermeil jewellery? Well, the answer is clear and straightforward, to begin with. For a jewellery piece to be labelled as Gold vermeil, it must:

  1. Contain a solid 925 sterling silver base + gold coating on the top 
  2. Gold coating made with gold powder or gold leaf
  3. to be of min purity of 10kt gold vermeil
  4. Gold coating to be at least 2.5 microns thick i.e. it is almost 10 times thicker than the usual gold plated jewellery.

However, these above-given conditions may vary from country to country and may not necessarily be the same. Nevertheless, the final result of gold vermeil jewellery looks precisely like pure gold, and guess what? No friends or family will be left in suspicion that your jewellery isn't pure gold after all! 

Buying Gold Vermeil Jewellery

Buying gold vermeil jewellery is pocket friendly and one of the best alternative options for pure gold jewellery. Gold vermeil is the highest quality jewellery you can buy that isn't solid gold. And in the categorization of demi-fine jewellery, gold vermeil is on the top when it comes to affordability and quality. Of course, the remarkable similarity it shares with gold jewellery. 

Does Gold Vermeil Tarnish?

You must know that gold vermeil is crafted using precious metals and heavy plating, which shall provide you with a long-lasting guarantee. However, it is essential to care for your jewellery by cleaning them with certified methods. It is hypoallergenic and suitable for sensitive skin.

All About Gold Plated Jewelry 

The most common term used in the jewellery industry is "gold plated." In simple words, gold plated jewellery is the layering of any metal jewellery with liquid gold. Today, gold plated jewellery online has given its customers a plethora of options in choosing their favourite gold plated jewellery. Gold plating jewellery may differ in its purity, design, and quality. 

"You may have the universe if I may have Italy" From the beautiful European country, gold plating was invented in 1805 by an Italian chemist, Luigi Brugnatelli. All thanks to him that women today can afford gold plated jewellery out of their pockets! 

While the internet will surely give you many insights and details about what is gold plating or how is gold plated jewellery made? We are only here to save your precious time and explain in simple terms about gold plated jewellery that you should know:

  1. Gold Plating is a liquid form of gold itself used on any metal 
  2. Gold plated jewellery comes in an average of 10 carats and goes up to 24 carats
  3. The thickness of gold plated jewellery ranges between .17 to 0.5 microns. 

How to Identify Gold Plated Jewellery?

As for someone excellent at differentiating pure gold from gold plated, it's a work of art indeed. However, there is no hard and fast rule that you may find a stamp on every gold plated jewellery. However, some authentic gold plated jewellery online is hallmarked as:

  • GP – gold plated
  • HGP – heavy gold plate
  • GEP – gold electroplated
  • HGE – heavy gold electroplate

Today, you can find an endless collection of gold plated jewellery online. Most gold plated jewellery is thin, and it could be not easy to redeem the gold on the surface. Nevertheless, if not for its value, one can surely afford to buy gold plated jewellery.

Gold vermeil vs. gold plated

Gold Vermeil VS Gold Plated: The Difference 

Many people are often in the dilemma of Gold vermeil VS Gold Plated jewellery, yet, the demand is high indeed. Be it the Indian or US market, people are willing to buy gold vermeil or Gold Plated. We have made it easier for you to know about Gold vermeil VS Gold Plated and its differences. 

Both have their pros and cons, and it solely depends on the buyer which one they want to choose. Here's a clear picture of the difference between gold vermeil and gold-plated jewellery. 

Hope we’ve cleared the puzzled cloud above you about understanding the difference between Gold vermeil VS Gold Plated! We, at RUUH, all our pieces are crafted using 925 sterling silver with 18kt Gold Vermeil. Now go ahead and shop your favourite!

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