Seven reasons we love Demi Fine Jewellery - and we know you’ll love it too.

Demi Fine Jewellery with 925 silver base and pure 24kt gold plating

You may have heard the term “Demi Fine” being used by some of your favourite accessory brands (us included!). But, what does it actually mean? Here’s our take on why we love Demi Fine Jewellery, and why you should love it too!

There comes a time in everyone’s life where they want to treat themselves a bit to the finer things in life. Jewellery is a great option! But splurging on a fine jewellery piece may not be realistic. If you are anything like us, cheap costume jewellery doesn’t do the trick anymore. In one or two wears, it can tarnish, or turn your skin green!

If you’ve reached this impasse, Demi fine jewellery is just what you’re missing. Step into this magical world of unique designs set in high quality materials, and the best part? You won’t break the bank - the essence of affordable luxury!

All this sounds fantastic - but what makes Demi Fine Jewellery so different?

The secret sauce to the perfect Demi Fine piece lies in the materials used - a solid base of 925 Sterling Silver, plated with pure 24Kt gold. This kind of unique plating is called gold vermeil - referring to a certain amount of thickness (1-2.5 microns) that the gold layer has to be. When a piece says gold vermeil, know that you are getting a significantly more amount of gold and better quality than regular gold plated jewellery. 

This heavenly combination creates a piece of jewellery that is strong, tarnish resistant, durable, and affordable. Combined with semi precious stones, there’s an infinite number of design possibilities. That is why so many jewellery designers are gravitating towards this category. If you’re a jewellery nerd like us, read our materials guide to learn more!

Here are six reasons why we love Demi Fine Jewellery:

  1. A balance of quality and affordability -The reason for the conception of demi fine jewellery is the want for quality at an affordable price. Sterling silver is the most durable form of silver, and when coated with gold, also doesn’t tarnish quickly. Demi Fine Jewellery is also made with care - and craft is at the centre of the design process.

  2. It’s unique - Demi Fine Jewellery is often handcrafted, exhibiting the vision of an artisan or designer. It’s the closest thing to wearing art! Often the struggle with buying an expensive piece of fine jewellery is that you would opt for a more classic design, so you can wear it for years! But with Demi Fine Jewellery, you can afford to go for some statement and unique pieces, because it’s a lot more affordable.
  3. It’s versatile - Whether you’re a silver or a gold person, there’s a demi fine piece for you. It comes in all shades of metal, all styles of jewellery, and in all different kinds of colours. Pick your poison!
  4. It’s customisable - You can wear demi fine jewellery however you want - stack it, mix it, layer it. Use these pieces to express your personality and to achieve a plethora of looks. There are no rules. You want to mix metals? Do it with Demi Fine Jewellery.
  5. A great gift - This kind of jewellery is the best gift! Affordable yet premium, often customisable, and there’s a great variety available too. If you want to give a loved one a really thoughtful gift, help them start their demi fine jewellery collection.
  6. It’ll last you - as long as you take care of it - Demi fine jewellery doesn’t tarnish quickly, as long as you keep it away from water and chemicals such as perfume and lotion. If you want to learn how to make your jewellery last, read our care guide here. 

We hope this has inspired you to start your own unique collection of high quality demi fine pieces. Here’s some of our favourites for some inspiration. Happy shopping! 



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