All About Natural Gemstone Jewellery

All About Natural Gemstone Jewellery


Gemstones are a dazzling and alluring natural wonder that has captivated humans for centuries. These precious and semi-precious stones come in stunning colours and textures, each with a unique character and history. 

Gemstones are valued for their beauty, rarity, and durability and have been used in real gemstone jewellery, art, and even as currency throughout human history. From sparkling diamonds to deep blue sapphires, rich red rubies, and mesmerising emeralds, gemstones continue to fascinate and enchant people worldwide. Gemstones remain a timeless and precious part of our cultural heritage. Before we know what natural gemstones are, let us have a sneak peek into their history.

History of Natural Gemstones: Origin

The history of natural gemstones can be traced back thousands of years. The earliest known use of gemstones was in ancient Egypt, where they valued gemstones, believing they had supernatural powers and could protect the wearer from harm.

Gemstones were highly prized during the Renaissance period, with wealthy merchants and nobility collecting them as a sign of wealth and status. 

During this time, diamond cutting and polishing techniques were refined, leading to the creation of the famous diamond cuts we know today.

The discovery of new gemstone deposits in the Americas during the 18th and 19th centuries led to a surge in gemstone demand. This demand was further fueled by the Victorian era, when gemstones were used to express love and affection.

What are Natural Gemstones?

Natural gemstones are minerals, rocks, or organic matter that have been chosen for their beauty, durability, and rarity. These gemstones are cut and  polished to make jewellery or other items. Some gems are too soft or fragile to be used in jewellery, so they are often exhibited in museums and sought by collectors. 

The most well-known natural gemstones include Diamonds, Emeralds, Rubies, Sapphires, and Pearls, but there are many others such as Amethyst, Citrine, Turquoise, Garnet, Moonstones, Rose Quartz which have gained popularity in designer jewels.

Natural gemstones are typically cut and polished to enhance their natural beauty, and they can be used in various gemstone fashion jewellery designs. Each gemstone has unique properties, such as colour, hardness, and refractive index, which makes it valuable and distinct from other gemstones.

Unlike synthetic or lab-created gemstones, natural gemstones occur naturally in the Earth's crust. While natural gemstones can be enhanced or treated to improve their colour or clarity, they still retain their natural properties and characteristics.

What is the Difference Between Natural and Synthetic Gemstones?


Natural Gemstones

Synthetic Gemstones


Formed naturally in the Earth's crust over millions of years

Created in a laboratory using chemical and physical processes

Value and Rarity

Typically more valuable and rare than because of their unique properties and limited supply.

More widely available and can be produced in larger quantities.


May have slight imperfections or inclusions, giving them a unique character and increasing their value

Generally flawless and can be made to have a consistent colour and clarity.


can vary greatly depending on rarity, quality, and size.

They are readily available and can be produced in large quantities, making them less expensive


Trends of Gemstone Jewellery Today

Natural Gemstones are truly nature's masterpiece; with each stone being one of a kind. Today, the global fashion trend is emerging and inspiring the world. From traditional jewellery designs to modern and avant-garde styles, the jewellery industry has something for every taste and occasion. 

The beauty of natural coloured gemstones is hard to resist, with such a variety of colours they can elevate any look. From royalty to celebrities, gemstone jewellery has been trending and is now sought after by a larger audience. In India, gemstone jewellery has been worn for astrological reasons for thousands of years, but recently, it has been moving beyond that to make a fashion statement.

Brightly coloured gemstone jewellery is a way of self expression and has recently gained a lot of popularity in the Indian market. Gemstone jewellery can add  character to the simplest of outfits. It is a great way to express your uniqueness and individuality. Premium quality jewellery with genuine gemstones can last a lifetime and is therefore a great investment. 

Today, the trend of coloured gemstones has taken the stage. Women are buying colourful gemstone jewellery for its spectacular and sumptuous appearance. High quality gemstones are gaining popularity for their colour, look, rarity, and specialty. 

You can witness vintage-inspired designs featuring intricate detailing and Art Deco-inspired shapes that are gaining popularity. These pieces often feature larger, statement gemstones and can be used to add a touch of glamour to any outfit. Minimal designs featuring natural gemstones in simple gold or silver settings are also trending. These understated pieces are perfect for layering and can be worn every day.

You can find the best gemstone jewellery online and offline, including popular pieces such as statement Hoop earrings, gemstone pendants, birthstone jewellery, and many more designer jewellery pieces. 

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